Gabriel “Kalmpx” Cruz, Your support will never be forgotten. We Love you.
Our Mission
Be Legendary Enterprises seeks to serve low-income families of Black and Brown Communities Nationwide. Our programs are created to strengthen families, create financial equity in low-income areas, and reduce violence amongst the youth in underserved districts by providing mentorship, educational opportunities and sports activities. We serve Middle School and High School students in low-income communities with a focus on the Black and Brown communities who historically lack resources and funding.

501(c)(3) organization committed to bridging the gaps between home and school, breaking barriers, and creating equality in underserved communities.
What we do

Our organization is providing financial education, implementing self-care programs, supplying resources, giving strategies for self-improvement, long term stability, and social skills are what is needed to heal the communities that are suffering. The skills caught in our programs are fundamental principles for all young people to navigate through society, create generational wealth, and manage their daily lives are not being taught in the schools or the homes of underserved communities.Be Legendary introduces young people to the endless career paths that are available to them through skilled trades and life skills fairs. Our programs link young people to mentoring programs, internships and apprenticeships.

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