Listen to 'Legendary" created by the late Gabriel "Kalmplx" Cruz in support of Be Legendary's mission and purpose. Gone but not forgotten.

It’s my legacy, it’s your legacy, it’s our legacy.

Who is Be Legendary?

501(c)(3) organization committed to bridging the gaps between home and school, breaking barriers, and creating equality in underserved communities.

It takes a village to raise a child. Investing in the youth and the families of communities that lack resources and access to knowledge for self-improvement is vital for the overall prosperity of our Nation.

Providing financial education, implementing self-care programs, supplying resources, giving strategies for self-improvement, long term stability, and social skills are what is needed to heal the communities that are suffering. The fundamental principles necessary for all young people to navigate through society, create generational wealth, and manage their daily lives are not being taught in the schools or the homes of underserved communities. Be Legendary introduces young people to the endless career paths that are available to them through skilled trades and life skills fairs. We link young people to mentoring programs, internships and apprenticeships. We teach finance principles, poise and etiquette, conflict management strategies and critical thinking methods to prepare young people for the challenges they face. We provide the tools that are necessary for them to become successful and well-rounded adults.

Board Of Directors

Executive Directors- Natasha McCollum (Founder) Estaban Weaver (Co-Founder)

Donita Brittman- Director

Jerrid Hall- Assistant Director/Creative Director

Dominic Chatman- Director of Public Relations/Media

Anthony Cruz- Director of Marketing

DeAngelo Perry- Director of Community Relationship Development

Julie McIntire- Secretary/Acting Treasurer

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