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Be Legendary Enterprises Inc, serves the low-income and at-risk families of Black and Brown Communities Nationwide. Our programs are designed to strengthen families and re-establish broken community bonds.

Our programs help to establish family traditions that will help to create long term financial equity in the community. We promote positive self-image, provide mentoring for the family unit, and teach strategies needed to progress and navigate in society. By making these resources available and actively supporting families, we will be able to help make sustainable changes for a brighter future.

501(c)(3) organization committed to bridging the gaps between home and school, breaking barriers, and creating equality in underserved communities.

About Us

What we do

Our organization is providing financial education, implementing self-care programs, and supplying resources. By giving strategies for self-improvement, long term stability, and social skills; we are filling the gaps to help heal these communities.

The skills caught in our programs are fundamental principles for all young people to navigate through society, create generational wealth, and manage their daily lives. These principals are not being taught in the schools or the homes of underserved communities.

Be Legendary introduces young people to the endless career paths that are available to them through skilled trades and life skills fairs. Our programs link young people to mentoring programs, internships and apprenticeships.

How You Can Help

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What People Say

Over the years we have had the good fortune of working with other non-profits in the area. One that is an up-and-coming force for good in the community is Be Legendary. They have as their mission the goal of helping young people realize their worth so that they can then go out and make a difference in the world. They focus on children and young adults who have had mental, physical and academic challenges in their lives and need the guidance and care that well-meaning people can provide.

Rachel Muha, The Brian Muha Foundation


Recent Causes

Current Fundraisers https://614legendary.org/who-is-be-legendary-2/rally4rylee/


Raising money to help this deserving family. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support!!

Become a Swagger Coach

In order to teach the skills and concepts in our programs, we need the support of professionals and community organizations. The aim of helping as many people as possible can be accomplished with the help of our community leaders. Please contact us for more information.