“Be Legendary My Friends”

Founder Natasha McCollum
“LEGENDARY” by Gabriel “Kalmplx” Cruz.

Community Support

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It’s my legacy, it’s your legacy, it’s our legacy.

Community Partners

Rachel Muha, The Brian Muha Foundation/Run the Race Center

Michael Cassady, Newark community liaison

Byrd Prillerman, Mentor/Educator/Dean of Swag

Cheri Liggins, Administrative Support/Penmaster

DeAngelo Perry, Community Liaison, Player Recruiter and Event Planner, Mentor

Jamie Harper, Mentor/Swagger Coach

Justin Peyton, Culture People You

Alex Silverman, Bexley Minority Parent Alliance

Gaines Fletcher, National Oldtimers

Ryan Conley, HOMAGE

Coach Tim Birie, Advisor

Chris Birie, Advisor

Steve Stevenson, Advisor

Jerry L Watson, AAU

Michael Redd, Advisor

Derek Anderson, Advisor

Shannon Prayer, Individual Supporter

Jimmy Turner, Local Union 189

Dominic Chatman, Think HUGE

Jerrid Hall, WIR Native

Gabriel Ludaway, Total Rampage Clothing

Sean Edmonson, Elite Prep Magazine

Lee Wagner, The Ohio Media School

Johnny Clark, Jump 50

Caprina and Cheron Shows, ShowOut Customs, Chief printers for 614legendary branded Merchandise..

Mentors and Coaches

 Shaun Ballard, Maliya Perry, Mya Perry, Coach Tommy Brown, Amber Moore, Abdul Hafeez-Bey, Byrd Prillerman, Jamelle Cornley, Starr Carr, Mark Ratliff, Gabriel Cruz, Kenneth Robinson.

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