Premature twins delivered at 23.6 weeks. Please help these newly weds Tina and Jonathan Frazier were blessed to conceive twin boys. This couple is the prototype for what a marriage should be. They support, encourage and love each other unconditionally. They need help, prayers and items for these blessings. 23.6 weeks gestation is not a very long time to develop. The link above is theirContinue reading “Premature twins delivered at 23.6 weeks. Please help these newly weds”

Kenya Thomas fundraiser We are still collecting donations for Kenya who lost her room in a house fire. We have received some small donations and clothes donations. We are looking for resources to get her a bed and have reached out to St Vincent de Paul and the Furniture bank. Kenya despite losing everything is still managedContinue reading “Kenya Thomas fundraiser”

Bonfire store

If a product isn’t on our site you can find it on the WIR Native site and our bonfire store Our F##k fear campaign is provocative and stands for self motivation, self confidence and going for your dreams! Go for your dreams passionately and f##k fear! All of our 614Legendary hoodies and T-shirt designsContinue reading “Bonfire store”

Community Champions

We have added a new feature to our website! The Community Champions page highlights nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals making a difference in the community. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to make real change. We are highlighting Ohio Elite Prep Magazine! The Who’s who of Ohio basketballContinue reading “Community Champions”

14 year old lost everything in a house fire

We have started a GoFundMe for Kenya Thomas a 14 year old honor student who lost everything in a house fire Monday. We are accepting in person donations as well for physical items. Please email us at or give to the go fund me Be Legendary and the Thomas family thank you inContinue reading “14 year old lost everything in a house fire”

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