When I See Me by Jasmin Chatman

This book should be in every elementary school curriculum. These are the messages and images all children and especially children of color should be receiving on a daily basis. This is beautifully written, illustrated and conceived. I encourage all educators to purchase a copy for their classrooms and parents to pick this gem up asContinue reading “When I See Me by Jasmin Chatman”

Terry Norman @streetlightguild Sat/Sun 12-3pm until June 18th

Terry is a self taught genius. His work leaps off the canvas and into your soul. This talent and gift that he has truly blows my mind. The Streetlight Guild just opened back up so come out and support this diverse venue and all they have to offer. Like, share and repeat Columbus! Be LegendaryContinue reading “Terry Norman @streetlightguild Sat/Sun 12-3pm until June 18th”

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